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The 2nd Thursday of Every Month @ 11:30 AM


CCR is a collective impact effort supporting trauma-informed approaches in our community, schools, county agencies, the tribal entities and local non-profits to improve outcomes for our children, youth and families

At LL&C, we come together to expand the community table – all are invited to LL&C and welcomed to be engaged and connected and help this initiative to build a community that is vibrant healthy, equitable, & resilient for all.

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The 3rd Thursday of Every Month @ 11:30 AM

Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences Training

This 2-hour training covers the latest science related to the

progressive impact of adversity and the lifelong effect of adverse

childhood experiences. This training aims to increase knowledge on how childhood adversity can affect social, emotional, and physical health later in life. The training was developed by Dr. Robert Anda, the co-principal investigator and designer for the ACE study, and Laura Porter of ACE Interface and has been reviewed and approved by relevant, known experts in the field for its scientific content.

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The 4th Thursday of Every Month @ 11:30 AM

Self-Regulation & Resilience

This 1.5-hour training covers self-regulation and how it is central to successful health, education and social outcomes, and to building resilience. To understand more about self-regulation, in this training we will review the ACEs Study and the NEAR sciences to provide a biological context for the importance of self-regulation, provide an overview of data about the scope of the problem in self-regulation we’re facing in our society, and offer some simple tips about how to foster self-regulation in yourself and others.


We have gathered resources together so you can empower yourself and others through education. Take the first step today!


We would love to hear from you about how becoming trauma-informed and trauma-resilient has impacted you or someone you know.